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innovative analysis and visualization services for planners

Whether you need our nationally recognized expertise in scenario planning, advanced planning analysis and visualization, unparalleled CommunityViz expertise, training, or public meeting technology that sets an entirely new bar for level of engagement, City Explained, Inc. consultants are ready to help.

Scenario Planning

City Explained, Inc. consultants are national experts in scenario planning. We work all over the United States and the world, bringing our deep experience and creative touch to scenario planning projects ranging from the largest of regional long range transportation plans all the way to long-range visions for small rural towns.

We know that every community is unique, and consequently we always tailor our work to particular local needs. Our contributions typically include:

Planning Analysis and Visualization

Need insights? City Explained, Inc. can help. Gone are the days of flat maps and inpenetrable spreadsheets. Using the latest in geospatial technology and 2D and 3D visualization techniques, City Explained, Inc. consultants can help you and your stakeholders discover whole new dimensions of understanding about how your community works now, and how it might work in the future based on plans you make today.

We use advanced geoprocessing tools, the powerful CommunityViz dynamic analysis engine, and an arsenal of other techniques for planning analyses covering almost every topic a planner encounters. Just a few examples:

CommunityViz Expertise

City Explained, Inc. consultants have unparalleled CommunityViz expertise. At City Explained, Inc., our consultants work side-by-side with our CommunityViz development team. The consultants use CommunityViz every day, and the developers build CommunityViz every day. They learn from each other, support each other, and share ideas and inspiration.

What that means to you as a client is:

CommunityViz Training

Learn from the experts! City Explained, Inc. offers a complete suite of training services ranging from multiday on-site courses to individualized web-based one-on-one sessions. Learn more about our standard CommunityViz training services.

One of our favorite ways to teach CommunityViz is working with clients or consulting partners side-by-side on a projects. We join the project team as consultants or subconsultants, and we take primary responsibility for the CommunityViz work. But we also teach you as we go, offering introductory lectures, project-based demonstrations and "homework," and eventually detailed on-the-job training.

The result? You end up with a great CommunityViz project, and you also end up with the skills needed to do the next project on your own. It's a win for everyone involved.

Public Engagement

"The best use of planning technology I have ever seen" is a remark we often hear after a City Explained, Inc.-facilitated, CommunityViz-enabled public planning meeting. Technology can make a meeting come alive and engage broad audiences at levels never before possible.

Using this technology effectively is an art as well as a science. Our strong experience hosting public meetings that work means we know what to do, how to prepare, what to watch for, and what is possible. Contact us to learn more about:

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Our engagements are generally custom-designed to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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