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national-level expertise in scenario planning, visualization, CommunityViz®, and more

Imagine consultants who are expert and friendly at the same time. Who share your passion for great planning. Who speak the language of people as easily as the language of computers. And who are always full of ideas, energy, and creative solutions. That is the team at City Explained, Inc.

City Explained, Inc. consultants have in-depth knowledge of CommunityViz, 3D visualization, and other tools for planning and analysis. We are experts in bringing this technology to bear on important projects, making sure the tools are used to their highest potential and that your project receives all the benefits it can from the technology.

NEW! CommunityViz 360 Indicators Service - Up to 101 indicators in an affordable package.

How We Work

Clients tell us we are exceptionally knowledgeable, responsive, and creative. Our style is to listen closely to your needs first, and then design our solutions in response. We do have a wealth of experience and examples to draw from, so chances are we've seen something like your project before and we'll know just where to start.

From our base in Boulder, Colorado, we work all over North America and the world. At home with web meetings, video conferences, and cloud-based project management, we are adept at maintaining a virtual presence that makes us feel like part of your team wherever you happen to be.

And even though we have a national footprint, we know that every community is unique. We are not a factory; we tailor all our work to the particulars of each project.

Clients include:

Unique Expertise

Scenario Planning, CommunityViz, and 3D Visualization.

Clients and partners often approach City Explained, Inc. for our special expertise in CommunityViz and 3D. They are then pleased to discover our high standards, collaborative style, and flexible approaches to engagement. We welcome opportunities to join highly qualified teams doing innovative work in planning, resource management and public engagement projects.

Planning Analysis and Modeling.
City Explained, Inc. staff are uniquely qualified for work on geospatial modeling, visualization, and analysis. Consultants work under the same roof with CommunityViz developers and technical staff, giving them unparalleled access and exposure to the latest technology and most advanced features of the software. 3D visualization consultants all have experience in both planning and visualization, giving them excellent cross-discipline perspective.

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Our engagements are generally custom-designed to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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