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creating interactive GIS-based software applications

City Explained, Inc. builds custom GIS software tools and web applications for interactive modeling, scenario planning, 3D visualization, and more.

Drawing from years of experience developing both custom applications and commercial-class tools like CommunityViz, we create unique software applications to meet your specific needs: tools that make your work faster, more effective, and more efficient.

Clients choose City Explained, Inc. when they need tools and web applications that will connect information with audiences: either graphically, through maps and interactive controls, and/or visually, through interactive, well designed 3D models. The sophistication of tools ranges from simple to robust. The results are tools that can bring new depth and insight to a particular project, or a new level of efficiency and repeatability to a type of project you do again and again.

City Explained, Inc. GIS Apps: Maps You Can Talk To

City Explained, Inc. GIS Apps make maps come alive.

With City Explained, Inc. GIS apps, maps aren’t just for looking at: they’re for drawing on, asking questions of, and trying out ideas. They are a two-way front door to sophisticated computer analyses that you control. Our maps let you ask them questions, and then they use colorful, easy-to-understand visualizations to display the results. They are unusual for software tools in that they often do ALL of the following:

We call this technology GIS Apps – Geographic Information System applications. Geodesign tools and map apps are terms that work just as well. City Explained, Inc. is a leader in the field, and we and others are rapidly advancing the art and science of interactive, real-time, GIS-based modeling.

If you are looking for software tools and solutions that make the most of GIS as a platform for both modeling and visualization, you are in the right place. City Explained, Inc. is where you will find maps you can talk to.


We are very, very good at what we do. The City Explained, Inc. GIS apps development team draws from years of experience developing both custom applications and commercial tools like CommunityViz.

User-focused, model-savvy, and technically advanced, we have particular expertise in:


City Explained, Inc. builds custom-tailored GIS applications for organizations and agencies that need to connect people with information. We emphasize solutions for planners and the planning industry, with typical project budgets ranging from $20,000 - $250,000. Typical clients include:

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