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Request a free 30-day trial of CommunityViz 5.2. It includes all standard CommunityViz Scenario 360 and Scenario 3D components. We will ask you to register, but you won't be charged and you won't be spammed. For other downloads, visit our Downloads page.

Full service Technical Support is available for most licenses. Help documents apply to the most recent version, CommunityViz 5.2. Downloads are available for some older versions as well.

  • Scenario 360 Analysis Viewer for ArcReader 10.8 or 10.7 [.EXE, 4.79MB]
  • Scenario 360 Analysis Viewer for ArcReader 10.6 or 10.5 [.EXE, 4.79MB]
  • Scenario 360 Analysis Viewer for ArcReader 10.4 or 10.3 [.EXE, 2.73MB]
  • Scenario 360 Analysis Viewer for ArcReader 10.2 [.EXE, 6.04MB]
  • Scenario 360 Analysis Viewer for ArcReader 10.1 [.EXE, 6.04MB]

  • The free CommunityViz Analysis Viewer lets you view and interact with CommunityViz files published in a special *.psc format by someone using the CommunityViz Analysis Publisher. To use the Analysis Viewer you will also need Esri's free ArcReader. Once you have installed ArcReader, download and install our free Analysis Viewer below. The Analysis Viewer works on most modern Windows computers.

    To use the Analysis Viewer, launch it from its desktop icon, which is a red circle labeled "360" with a magnifying glass on top, or from Start > All Programs > CommunityViz > CommunityViz Analysis Viewer. After it starts, click the blue question mark button for complete documentation and help.

    Scenario 3D Viewer {.MSI, 28.5MB}

    The free Scenario 3D Viewer is an application that lets you explore scenes created in Scenario 3D. The 3D Viewer reads *.scene files created with the Scenario 3D Exporter. It works on most modern Windows computers and does not require ArcMap or the Scenario 3D Exporter.

    To get started, download and run one of the installers above.

    For more information on using the Scenario 3D Viewer, please see the Scenario 3D Help.