CommunityViz is owned by City Explained, Inc. As a nationally recognized planning firm, City Explained, Inc. actively seeks to align itself with cities, counties and regions that appreciate and uphold the virtues of community-based planning. The City Explained team emphasizes a process-driven approach to sustainable development and town-building; always with an eye toward sound technical analysis, meaningful public involvement, and creative solutions for realizing a community’s vision.

City Explained’s approach to any planning project is to provide the Client with a high-quality deliverable that builds on previous studies and planning work, while offering fresh insight into the issues at hand and innovative approaches to engaging the public. City Explained believes that a plan and the public process by which it is formed should reflect what residents and stakeholders truly care about.

In addition to planning expertise, City Explained has unique and in-depth experience with CommunityViz software, incorporating scenario planning into the process as a tool to generate meaningful, localized data for evaluating the trade-offs between competing paths for moving forward and assisting communities in reaching consensus on critical topics such as transportation impacts, financial performance, environmental stewardship, and mobility options.

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