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CommunityViz Change Your Assumptions

CommunityViz is an award-winning software providing a platform for planners and citizens to learn and make choices about the places they love. CommunityViz empowers GIS analysts and planners to generate complex, custom and highly accurate urban analytics, including scenarios, suitability analysis, build out potential, impact analysis and more. As an ArcGIS® extension, our users combine urban planning and GIS skills to better understand the present and future. With CommunityViz you can change your assumptions and gain insights about your town, city or region.

Custom and Accurate Urban Analytics
Widely used by planners, academics and researchers from all over the world, used in dozens of studies.
Dynamic Analysis Engine
CommunityViz’s dynamic analysis engine lets you do geospatial modeling of the effects of any potential plan or land use change. Study housing, transportation, environment, economics, sustainability, and much more. Choose from more than 100 built-in indicator models, or customize and create your own.
Let Our Apps Guide You
Use CommunityViz tool wizards take the pain out of developing urban analytical tasks such as calculating build-out potential and suitability analyses.
Bottom Up Approach
CommunityViz lets you work with your data and at your own scale, building on parcels, census blocks, transportation analysis zones, or even custom grids.
Regional Modeling
Used by counties, metropolitan planning organizations and councils of government as a land use allocation model for generating detailed future scenarios.
Open Platform
Built on ArcGIS®, CommunityViz can tie into common desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel and Google Earth. Sophisticated users can even call python scripts or geoprocessing models.

CommunityViz is owned and developed by City Explained, Inc. Contact us for a trial or a demo! We love to hear from people with interesting problems!

CommunityViz: Urban Analytics for Planners