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Purchasing CommunityViz prices and purchasing

Compare and purchase CommunityViz 5.1 Packages below.

30-Day Trial


  • Scenario 360
  • Scenario 3D
  • 1 Install
  • No Renewal
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --



  • Scenario 360
  • Scenario 3D
  • 3 Desktop or Network Installs
  • 12 Months Technical Support
  • Free Upgrades2
  • Premium Decision Tools (Apps)
  • No Self-Service Option
  • Annual Renewal- $9504



Technical support: To renew your technical support, click the appropriate Annual Renewal item in the table above.

MORE COMMUNITYVIZ OPTIONS: Please call 866.953.1400 or email us for more options. These include:

Questions? We're happy to help. Please call 866.953.1400 or email.

Terms of Sale: All sales of CommunityViz software are final. City Explained, Inc. does not accept returns of downloaded software. You are responsible for ensuring your computer or device meets minimum software system requirements prior to purchase. Please contact our Technical Support Team at 1-866-953-1400 if you are unable to successfully download or access the software on your computer.

1All prices are in United States Dollars

2For upgrades released during the technical support period

3Does not include technical support, free upgrades, or premium decision tools

4Must be purchased within 30 days of expiration

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