Kelley LewellingDeveloper

Ms. Lewelling is a developer for City Explained, Inc., where she designs and creates interactive, GIS-based software applications. She has sixteen years of experience in the geospatial field, with specializations in application development, image analysis, geospatial data analysis, and database design. Since 2008, she has been one of the core developers of CommunityViz software, enhancing existing tools as well as developing new ones. Her in-depth knowledge of GIS technology, combined with her broad application development experience, allow her to create solutions that are both effective in meeting users' needs and efficient in performing geospatial analysis.

Ms. Lewelling holds a bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering from University of Virginia to complement her master's degree in Environmental Monitoring from University of Wisconsin. Prior to her work in the GIS field, Ms. Lewelling worked in wildland fire and natural resources management.